About the Creator

Thom Kraus


Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, I was aware of the growing global tensions and how we, Humanity, were becoming increasingly fractured as a Family. This fracturing was accentuated by a growing nationalistic fervor – its growth being global in nature !

Nation flags seemed to represent a national pride gained at the expense of other people. It became blatantly clear to me that national “interests”, corporate interests and the like were all priority, while individual Voices were being drowned out. The notion that I matter, YOU matter, WE matter was being obliterated by bigger “interests”. Increasingly, the individual was being redefined as a person that is not much more than a Consumer – one that is obliged to bow to the strengthening  forces of a materialistic – commercialized world !

By the late 90’s, all this converged upon me. I was impressed by the fact that We The People – throughout the world – needed to recognize one another as members of One Family. I saw it as critical for our very survival ! This impression seemed to burrow itself deep inside me and push me to act somehow – not knowing just what that would look like. After a gestation period of several years, I was moved by – what seems to me – inspiration to sit down and create a symbol that illustrates our Oneness – showing our commonality to one another and our common link to our Source. We are indeed brother and sister.

 It was then that the Flag For Humanity was Born.

It is my Hope that we will be able to find Harmony within ourselves – leading to Inner Peace. By sharing with our brothers and sisters those attributes that create Inner Peace, each one of us will make a contribution to the creation of a climate where World Unity can be realized and thrive ! Peace Through Unity starts with Me and You. Let us go forward, you and I, and give our best effort to create Peace on Earth for all time !

With my Heart,


 Our Hope

Peace on Earth