Chakra Connection

The Color – Chakra Connection

Our body is designed to receive the full vibrational spectrum of Light for the maintenance of our health. This is accomplished through the activation of  7 major energy centers that are located along the spine and go up into the head where the two highest centers are located. These are energy portals/vortexes, oftentimes referred to as Chakras – a Sanskrit word meaning wheel (spinning wheel because they do spin). This Chakra System is a major component of  our structure. Our very structure brings in the Great Light of Life!

The colors on the Flag reflect this energetic structure, displaying the 7 colors of the rainbow. These are the colors from refracted White Light – the White Flame shown inside the Triangle. The colors refract in a set order, as seen in a rainbow. This color order is taken in by our 7 major chakra centers, starting with the Red frequency at the Base Chakra up through the Violet frequency at the Crown Chakra. Of the 7 colors, the Red frequency vibrates the slowest, while the Violet frequency vibrates at the highest rate.

The diagram shows where these major chakras are located and indicates the corresponding color – the primary color which resonates with each center. For each chakra, I have suggested some basic qualities that promote a healthy energy flow through the portal. In turn, this flow promotes health and harmony for the person. Also indicated are some basic qualities – one can become aware of –  that may impede a healthy flow which can lead to poor health and a degree of disharmony.