Symbols of the Flag


Symbols represent concepts and ideas – living energies – that oftentimes transcend words. In describing these symbols, an expanse of  words is used – all similarly related – to indicate that these symbols represent living, ever-evovling energies. The words one chooses to use to describe a symbol and its meaning is a very personal choice.  And when a choice is made from the Heart, it is always the best choice for the person.  As we deepen our understanding of Unity, the symbols themselves take on a new depth which expands our Vision of Oneness.


God, Great Spirit, Our Maker, Source, Rootless Root, Cosmic Flame and others.

The Flame is white to signify the holding within Itself the full color spectrum of Light.

The Flame’s placement in the center signifies the Centrality of this Greatness and our connection

to IT, for the FLAME is IN the TRIANGLE.

The FLAME is in US.


Equilateral triangle made by hands coming together in Union.

Trinity of God ( Father – Son – Holy Ghost)

Trinity  of Man (mind – body – spirit)

Trinity of Consciousness

(man moving beyond the duality of mechanical

process to the Trinity of conscious motivation)



Eternity, The Divine Ring of Eternity, Completion and others.