Oneness Of Humanity Realized

Flag for Humanity- Peace Through Unity


Great Ideas and Causes have given birth to symbols that embody their energies – propelling Humanity’s Hopes,Visions and Aspirations along the ever-flowing River of Man’s Evolutionay Journey of Becoming.

The Flag embodies a Hope and Striving to bring about the realization of our Oneness, our wholeness as Humanity – respecting individuality and our unique personal nature. Yet, seeing how we as distinct persons, communities and nations all have a role to play in contributing to the whole – where collaboration and cooperation in our contributing activity replaces the forces that cause division and conflict.

This symbol points one to explore the nature of who we are – revealing important energetic aspects that reflect our commonality on this energetic level. It suggests a relationship with our Divine Source. The Source recognizes Unity, Harmony and the Oneness of our nature.

The phrase “Peace Through Unity” recognizes that to reach a state of Peace, an engagement in a process is vital. It is at once personal and communal. It is the discovery, acknowledgement and acceptance of the fact that harmony is possible within the individual and between peoples. Coming from the same Divine Source, we are sparks and reflections of THE GREAT LIGHT. This Unifying Factor is ours to be realized.

The process of recognizing what is fact – that we are a part of this Unifying Force – and living out its implications among ourselves has the potential to create the societal conditions that make Peace possible. This inner recognition will provide the inner structural support for the externalization of Peace throughout communities everywhere.

It is in this deep realization of our Oneness that Peace among us is given a greater opportunity to be realized. “PEACE THROUGH UNITY” is the phrase that encompasses the symbol’s message. Peace through Unity is the process whereby our hopeful striving for Peace brings forth the fruit of Peace on Earth.

FLAG FOR HUMANITY – a symbol that represents each one of us – can be flown from our Heart as a symbol of Hope for us all.

With my Love,



The Flag