Beyond Borders


The Flag speaks to an aspect of our reality that is seldom articulated and therefore oftentimes overlooked and not acknowledged. The important fact is that the cries, struggles and strivings of people throughout the world have a common voice. This Voice that echoes throughout the Planet says:  “I Matter, I hurt, I laugh, I cry, I celebrate, I feel sorrow, I struggle, I dream.”  The echoing Voice – in reality –  is a shared Voice . The connectedness of all Life reveals the sympathetic cord that flows everywhere throughout the Universe. My needs ARE your needs. Your cries ARE my cries. When I strive forward, you come with me. When you overcome, we all can celebrate your success. We all benefit from your growth. As members of Humanity we impact one another continually. This is a Fact that will become more apparent as we grow.

This Flag as a symbol therefore, represents not what can be, but rather what is already a Fact  – that we are ONE. Energetically, we are made the same – on the deep levels that make us Human. Originating from the same Divine Source, we are indeed sparks of the Divine Light – reflections of this Source and representatives of the Divine to the extent we can realize our Divine connection.

The Flag For Humanity is not to replace ones national symbol or flags that represent ones cause for peace and justice. It can be flown side by side with these symbols to fill in the oftentimes missing piece to the puzzle. It speaks to a membership that transcends all Organizations and all National Boundaries. It states with certainty your membership into the Human Family.